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Newsletter January 2015

About PSC

The Palestinian Shippers' Council (PSC) was established as an independent, non- for profit organization that represents the interests of Palestinian Shippers, importers and exporters, in addition to local industries as the end-users of maritime shipping, air freight and land transportation.

The PSC also seeks to contribute to the development of the Palestinian economy, through expanding and facilitating trade at all stages of the logistical supply chain.

Trade Facilitation is a key component of Palestinian trade as it’s the vital element towards economic growth, knowing that most of the challenges that faces Palestinian Shippers are reduction of time and transaction cost, which will impact the local economy and eventually will allow them to be competitors in the international markets after overcoming these challenges.

 In this issue:

  • About PSC
  • Training Unit Latest Updates
  • Technical Unit Latest Updates
  • Legal Unit Latest Updates
  • Interviews
  • Facilitating Palestinian Trade Conference 

Expectations of  External Trade Sector 2015:
In an Optimistic Scenario it will be:

  • Increase In the value of Palestinian imports by 2.9%
  • Increase in Palestinian exports by 6.5

(Source: Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics -PCBS)

Training Unit Latest Updates

PSC has finally finished the first delivery of a training program in international trade management and transport logistics entitled '’ Supply Chain Management’’. The program focused on providing trainees with knowledge and skills that will enhance their theoretical and practical knowledge in all stages of the Supply Chain.
In cooperation with the Ministry of National Economy, the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), and the Continuing Education in Birzeit University (CCE) the professional training program was delivered integrating study visits to ports and warehouses, case studies and real cases examples from the local Palestinian context. Moreover, the professional training program was completed by submitting a final project, where a product is chosen to be imported/ exported going through all the procedures and the steps of the supply chain.
The professional training program will be launched again in spring 2015, aiming to contribute to PSC’s members, public sector and University graduates.
 Please follow direction in applying for the training program:

Visit Services link=>Training=> Registration and then Apply Now, (Click Here to Apply).
For any further information please contact Training Unit/PSC


Eng. Hani Kort
Chairman of PSC Board of Directors

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Palestinian Shippers Council, Eng. Hani Kort stated during his intervention about the prospects of the council’s vision and trend “that since the inception of the PSC, as a founding member and throughout its path, I believed in its mission and cause of supporting and enhancing a health trading sector in Palestine. I do see trading as the catalyst for all other sectors of economy, Industry and agriculture. Both sectors import raw materials and export finished products, therefore through education, knowledge, training, logistic and legal support to the Palestinian exporter and importer, to overcome the unknowns and fears that faces the Palestinian trader when dealing with an alien system in the ports, an alien language in the documents, an alien work schedule, an alien legal system and with alien standards. Knowledge, education, and training are the keys to encourage the Palestinian trader to start making “calculated” risks to import and export through the surrounding sea ports and within the signed trade agreements that kept the envelope and the entry points’ control out of reach from the Palestinians. In addition to that I see the PSC support the shippers throughout the supply chain process. From the documentation to advice in the agreements, to logistic support to legal support if necessary.
I do have a very demanding vision for the coming few years, and I hope we can fulfill this mission through a healthier sector that can be a positive factor on the Palestinian economy.
Eng. Hani Kort emphasized that the PSC have established respect and a very good position within the Palestinian private sector institutions, the Palestinian relevant ministries and the international organizations, through its partnership with these institutions. The PSC have produced reports, position papers, studies, proposals and have participated in numerous round table discussions, seminars and forums in Palestine and internationally. As a result, the PSC has become the reference in the “Axis and Movement “for Palestinian goods and the experts in the whole supply chain process. Therefore, enhancing the relationships and partnerships are keys to PSC’s success, the sector and the Palestinian economy as a whole.”

Dr.Said Khalidi
Director General of PSC

The Director General of the Palestinian Shippers Council, Dr. Said Khalidi pointed out in his intervention about the prospects of the council’s vision and trend "that the council has been established to serve and support the development of the Palestinian private sector, through the facilitation of trade, by providing a series of services that will reflect the positive and tangible impact significantly on the performance of economic institutions in Palestine.
Dr.Khalidi has also confirmed that the services established for the success of the council existence is to create complementary solutions favoring the Palestinian product and support to become more competitive against the foreign imported products, by giving practical alternatives allowing the Palestinian local investor's to reduce shipment cost and time, and from these industries that the PSC is focusing on, light industries, agriculture, and construction and infrastructure.
On the institutional level, PSC maintains an excellent integration between the private and public sector institutions, the council focuses in its integration specifically (Ministry of National Economy, Ministry of Communications and Transport and Ministry of Finance), by creating genuine partnerships seek to integrate PSC services and reducing the proportion of the gap between investors' need and businessmen, meeting the requirements of the public sector and to overcome logistical obstacles imposed on the entry of raw materials and export of goods to world markets.
Recently PSC plays a central role in building the capacity of small and medium-sized institutions presenting services to these institutions by giving directions, mechanisms and tools to reduce the cost of import and export and help them to access global markets and open export prospects". 

Technical Unit Latest Updates

The technical unit in PSC has conducted field visits to Palestinian companies," Import / Export " during the visits, meetings with the senior managements of companies and official product supply were conducted, the technical unit revised the supply chain support companies in terms of time and cost, establishing links, contracts between companies and service providers, were addressed to clarify the mechanism of the order and chapter points and convergence between these parties, taking into account the technical and legal effect in order to ensure the effectiveness of the supply chain was to seize the opportunity to introduce the Palestinian shippers' Council services and how to utilize them.

It was found as a result of these visits that there is a general lack of information and the possibility of direct application, and for this reason most of these companies rely on brokers and customs clearance agents for managing their supply chains which leads to cost and time increase.

PSC is arranging for a workshop entitled "The Mechanism of Transport and Inventory Management, "The aim of this workshop is to reduce the gap between the Palestinian companies and the relevant authorities, "companies providing the service" in order to ensure the effectiveness of the product supply and storage and the effect of this phase on the cost of the product.

Knowing that the technical unit have successfully managed to reduce cost for number of companies and make savings in favor of these companies of (216,000$) annually for twenty companies.
For any further data and information on export & import don't hesitate to contact the Technical Unit/PSC


Contact us
Ramallah, Palestine
Tel: +970 (2) 297-6286

Legal Unit Latest Updates

PSC legal Unit has accomplished a legal position paper over the impact of Trade Facilitation Agreement of World Trade Organization after Israeli authorities implementing the agreement on the Palestinian trade. The position paper highlighted the context of the agreement that eventually will be in affect during 2015, knowing that Israel is part of this international agreement.
And in the same context the legal unit started re-capping on number of legal cases, as part of the unit strategy and objective to resolve outstanding legal cases, and handle files that has special cases, i.e. cases that engage personal interests among traders, regarding the personal rights of the traders or on public level that belongs to the unfair procedures applied from Israeli side that limit the smooth trading process of different goods.

Legal Unit Success Stories
The legal unit in the PSC was able to save and recover “142,200”$ for the benefit of three Palestinian importing goods companies whom their imported products were dented/ blocked by The Standards Institution of Israel (SII) during custom clearness at the Israeli ports, one company had issue with the SII, one had direct import issues, and the other had dual use restrictions issue

For any further information please contact Legal Unit/PSC

Facilitating Palestinian Trade Conference

Under the Capacity Development of Facilitating Palestinian Trade project the UNCTAD/PSC organized a high-level international trade-conference and in partnership with MoNE. The First Trade Facilitation Conference titled “Facilitating Palestinian Trade “was held on 1 and 2 December 2014,with the following main objectives:

  • Inform the Palestinian business and shipping community on recent national and international trade facilitation developments, gain in-depth understanding about current trade facilitation issues in Palestine;
  • Make the PSC better known to regional and international partners through the conference discussion of general and specific trade facilitation issues, such as new trade arrangements and agreements;
  • Propose future vision and follow up actions for the Trade Facilitation sector, and PSC interventions.

The conference achieved its main objectives through five sessions addressing key tracks were Trade Facilitation: National and Regional Integration, Trade Facilitation and WTO Agreements, PSC Services in Conjunction with Trade Facilitation, Palestinian Private Sector Needs in Trade Facilitation, Future and Vision for Trade Facilitation’s Roles and Interventions.