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Services of Technical Unit
  • Trade Contracts
    The Unit offers private consultations for members of the Council, concerning the methods of closing successful contracts, payment terms, means and requirements of the shipping process.

  • Shipping Process

    The Technical Support Unit also offers consultations for members of the Council concerning the shipping process:

o Shipping Transactions Procedures:
The Technical Support Unit provides advice to the Council’s members with all necessary information that should ensure the success of the goods shipping process.

o Shipping Arrangements:
The Technical Support Unit provides advice to the Council’s members about all necessary arrangements that should ensure the perfection of the supply chain.

  • Customs Clearance
    The Technical Support Unit provides specific counseling to Council members about customs clearance, customs percentages, and the required approvals.
  • Information about storage and internal transportation
    The Technical Support Unit shall provide information on mechanisms and means of storage and internal transport to Council members
  • Audit the customs broker invoices
    The Technical Support Unit conducts an audit of the customs broker invoices as a special service for Council members.
  • Study the cost of shipping, customs clearance and internal transportation according to the “Key Performance Indicators” (KPIs).
    Also among its special services for PSC members, the Technical Support Unit conducts previous and subsequent studies, related to the costs of shipping and customs, in accordance with the “Key Performance Indicators” to ensure saving time and cost.
  • Specialized trainings designed to meet the needs of the members concerning matters related to the supply chain.
    The technical Support Unit provides specialized trainings designed to meet the needs and wishes of members in matters related to the supply chain.

Success Stories of the Technical Unit:
The technical unit at PSC managed to provide technical assistance to number of large companies following to the field visit to Aqaba port.

  • One of the large companies been importing goods from Dubai to Palestine, their original line of shipping their goods was land transportation Saudi Arabia Jordan through Al Karameh bridge.Following to technical unit support they change their shipment route to become through Aqaba, Ashdod where there is good storage facilities and easier to release goods.This change in logistics route and shipment has dramatically reduced prices of shipment favoring the company product and profitability.
  • A company engaged in the field of food was facing a problem in a period of customs clearance, has been guidance to the mechanism right action and directed to the relevant authorities with the required certificates and papers, consequently costs were cut and time was reduced.
  • Another company seeking to import raw materials from Saudi Arabia has been drawing the most appropriate supply chain in terms of cost, time, and effectiveness. The company supposed to start working at the beginning of February 2015.