Palestinian Shippers Council
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Green Supply Chain Workshop 29-03-2015 -Palestine Tower - Elia Hall-13th floor Israel prepares a package of sanctions against Palestinian Authority leaders PSC launches the Professional Training Program in Supply Chain Management Updates and Procedures for Customs Exemptions on the Import of Ice cream milk powder Wildcat strike at Ashdod Port Incoterms 2010 Workshop video The first of its kind in the Middle East - PSC Announces the Promotion of a Diploma in Managing Imports and Exports During a workshop for the Palestinian Shippers Council - The Palestinian Information and Communications Sector facing difficulties in import procedures and requesting assistance
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Roles and Beneficiaries

Collective negotiations service providers to obtain competitive rates and favorable conditions and achieve savings for Palestinian shippers.
Cooperation arrangements with regional and international shippers' associations to support efforts to widen and diversify Palestinian import sources and export markets.
Advisory services to assist members in their dealings with relevant authorities, and in adhering to international best practices.
Up-to-date information on port and border crossing regulations, activity, charges and conditions for Palestinian shippers.
Tailor-made services to ensure responsiveness to members' needs, including contacts, representations and other interventions to reduce transport and transit related bottlenecks.
Direct assistance to Palestinian shippers in their dealings with transport and related service providers.
Training workshops to:
  • provide Palestinian shippers with a comprehensive understanding of the different aspects, processes and stages of import/export transactions;
  • familiarize Palestinian shippers with relevant trade information systems, such as the ASYCUDA Palestine user input facilities;
  • ensure that Palestinian shippers are well placed to overcome logistical and technical problems.
Study tours to countries with relevant experience and willingness to assist PSC, and receiving international experts and delegates from regional and international shippers' councils to develop and promote trade with Palestine.

  • The small and medium enterprise (SME) sector.
  • Palestinian importer and exporters (individual and corporate).
  • Commercial Transport and shipping users..
  • Palestinian consumers.
  • Palestinian international trading community.
  • PA ministries of Finance, Transportation, National Economy & agriculture.
  • Palestinian Customs brokers.
  • Chambers of commerce, industry and agriculture.
  • Palestinian Private Sector Coordinating Council Service providers (carriers, freight forwarders, multimode transport operators
  • Service providers (carriers, freight forwarders, multimode transport operators