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Benefits of Membership

Getting one's voice heard in Palestine is no easy matter. Getting your proposals accepted and acted upon is even harder. The PSC will be a widely respected co-ordinated industry voice in the world and will be listened to. It will command the respect of many organisations, political, environmental, industrial and can bring different groups around the table to find real, workable solutions to problems and issues.
But it only commands this respect because of who it represents and the constructive and pragmatic nature of its policies and initiatives.
Supply chains cannot be optimised without collaboration and trust between all parties involved. But we are not shun standing up for members' rights when it is necessary. Our strength and your strength combined will make the PSC a formidable voice for shippers' issues around the world.
If you want to benefit by getting your voice heard, your views listened to, and your supply chain needs catered for by freight transport operators, infrastructure providers and regulatory authorities, you should be part of the Palestinian Shippers' Council. No matter how small or large your trade operations are, your adhesion to PSC will be appreciated and your voice will be heard.
Please fill the membership form and send it to our fax at 02-2976287 ; taking in consideration that you have to pay $50 as registration fees in addition to $150 as membership yearly fees.