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Israel prepares a package of sanctions against Palestinian Authority leaders

Bethlehem - PNN- Israel is preparing a series of sanctions in case negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians completely collapse and the Palestinians turn to the United Nations institutions, the Israeli news website WALLA reported.
The sanctions package will include withdrawing the Palestinian leaders and officials’ VIP cards in the Palestinian Authority, confiscating the taxes that should go to the Palestinian Authority to offset obligations with the oil companies, delaying the implementation of economic projects in the Palestinian territories and restricting the movement of senior Palestinian businessmen who work in public economy projects.
According to WALLA, the Coordinator of the Israeli Government Activities, Major General Yoav Mordechai, prepared a series of sanctions for all the territories, in addition to a list that includes the names of the leaders who have VIP cards.
An Israeli security official said that this second package of sanctions is a direct result of the ongoing deterioration of the situation, adding that there will be more severe sanctions like cutting off the security cooperation. Nonetheless, another senior official said that security cooperation is not included in the third package of sanctions, because it serves the interest of both sides.
The sources said that this step will affect Israel's interests and that the Palestinian side will respond to this step.
In response to the Israeli decision to sanction the Palestinian side, Mustafa Barghouthi welcomed the Israeli decision to withdraw VIP cards because they facilitate Israel to exert political pressure on the Palestinians in exchange for silly privileges, as he described them.
Barghouthi told Palestine News Network that the Palestinian leadership should throw the VIP cards to the face of the occupation authorities, because Israel uses these benefits in exchange of violating more Palestinian rights.
Regarding the economic sanctions, Barghouti said they are a violation of international law and that they would be an even stronger incentive to adhere to international treaties, including the International Criminal Court, to prosecute and try Israel for its crimes.
Barghouthi added that it is clear that returning to negotiations was a mistake and said, "We have to realize that we are not in a stage to reach a solution with Israel, but in a stage of confrontation."
He also noted that Palestinians have suffered these sanctions before, but what is really needed is to provide a safety net to protect the internal domestic situation and the Palestinian economy. 
Published on Wednesday, 09 April 2014 15:44